DOTA 2 Gets Review Bombed to Hell After Tournament Act of Racism

The Frustration Is Geared Toward Valve

Steam is an open forum where players can actively participate in video game discussion, and it’s also a realm of review bombs. The most recent victim was none other than Valve’s Dota 2.

valve transgender discrimination

Of course, sometimes a person just has a right to be mad. Whether or not that should lead to a game bearing the brunt of that anger, well, that’s up to you. One incident that has been blowing up in the DOTA community came from a racist act in the middle of a tournament. It started with a 17-year old gamer from Philippine team compLexity Gaming. In a match against Chinese team Royal Never Give Up, the player, one Andrei “skem” Ong, typed the following in All chat:


Quickly, the Chinese community was up in arms over what is deemed a racial slur in many parts of the world. It didn’t take long for compLexity Gaming to respond. “We have been made aware of an inappropriate comment by one of our players in today’s match,” the team posted over on Twitter. “Complexity Gaming does not condone intolerance of any kind and the player will receive a formal reprimand, as well as a maximum fine.”

“We will continue to work with and educate all of our players to ensure that this kind of behavior is not repeated,” the team said in a follow-up post.

However, the Chinese community was dismayed by the fact that neither Valve nor Dreamleague (the company behind the tournament) penalized the player in any way. Thankfully, in the end, cooler heads prevailed… is what I want to say. Instead, professional Philippine player Carlo “Kuku” Palad exasperated the situation when he followed in his compatriot’s footsteps. He used the exact same racial slur.


Incensed by Valve’s inaction, the Chinese community has gone ahead and review bombed DOTA 2. The bomb dropped yesterday, November 7th, and at the time of this writing, the game has built nearly 3,800 negative reviews. “SHAME ON YOU RACIST VALVE,” one user wrote, and more have coined the slogan “Make The Racism Great Again.”

At least one angry user gave context for anyone who might stumble onto his ‘review’: “I promise that I will not add any funds to the Valve’s games(for example dota 2 and csgo), until the Valve gives appropriate punishments or announcements about the insulting speech given by two professional players(ID: Kuku; Skem).”

This is not the first instance in which Chinese players have banded together to voice their frustration on Steam. Three weeks ago, they called out publisher Square Enix for discounting Shadow of the Tomb Raider so soon after its release.  However, that pales in comparison to the weight of this new review bomb. What are your thought’s on the situation? Do you think Valve or Dreamleague should be held accountable in any form? Comment down below.

SOURCE: Resetera