Wasteland Remastered Trailer and Nuclear Warheads Launch

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Oh, great. Another post-apocalyptic game. While the scenario of world superpowers exchanging nuclear warheads with one another, leaving the Earth an inhospitable place is becoming a tired, old trope, 1998’s Wasteland was a pioneer of post-apocalyptic games. Sixteen years later, Wasteland 2 was released after a crowdfunding campaign. Wasteland 2 is out on PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. Flash forward to the present day, Wasteland 3 is approaching its release date slated for May 2020. As fans are gearing up for the new game, some may be too young to have played the original. Luckily, the Wasteland Remastered trailer might get people excited to play it again.

Wasteland Remastered Trailer

The trailer shows the nuclear conflict between the United States and the Soviet Union that decimates the world. Just under 100 years after the war is when Wasteland takes place. The gameplay shows interactions with various people and factions in the post-war ruins of Southwestern US. If it reminds you of the original Fallout games, that’s because those games were spiritual successors to Wasteland, before becoming the action RPGs from Fallout 3 on.

Wasteland Remastered is developed by inXile Entertainment and published by Krome Studios. It will be released on Steam, GOG, and Xbox One on February 25th, 2020, so if you are planning to check it out, you won’t have to wait long. It will at least tide you over until Wasteland 3 comes out in May.

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Source: YouTube