TV Host Wendy Williams Faces Backlash After She Mocks Joker Star Joaquin Phoenix’s Cleft Palate

Petitions Have Started Asking For Williams To Be Fired

TV talk show host Wendy Williams is in hot water after she mocked the Joker lead actor’s cleft palate on her show. In one of her segments, she was telling her live audience how she still found him attractive despite his flaws. “He’s got one of those,” she said pulling up her lip in a way to try and simulate a cleft palate. While the outrage over the incident did not kick off immediately,  it has now gained momentum and now there are petitions demanding that Williams be fired from her job. Williams has since apologized for her actions.


One of the most notable people to speak out on this issue has been a player in the Canadain Football Leauge named Adam Bighill. His son was born will the same condition as Phenix. The CFL player took to Twitter to voice his opinion.

Phoenix has not commented on the issue himself and it is not expected that he will. The actor is well known for being rather quiet and reclusive. Despite the bad press, Pheonix and the movie he stars in,  Joker is expected to clean house at the upcoming Oscars.

The smash-hit movie has been nominated for eleven different categories including best picture and best actor (Joaquin Pheonix). The Joker has managed to break the record of the highest-grossing R-rated movie in history. Regardless of what Pheonix thinks about Williams’s comments, he has a lot to look forward to this February.