Bandai Namco Revealing The Idolmaster Game Soon

Bandai Namco Will Reveal The Idolmaster Console Game in January

Recently, Bandai Namco announced they’ll be revealing The Idolmaster console game they’ve been developing on January 20th, just weeks away. The announcement came during a Nico Nico stream on December 26th but not much information was shared about it during the stream. The Idolmaster celebrates its 15th anniversary in July 2020 and this console game is apparently one of many ways the anime franchise will be celebrated. The franchise is moving to a new stage and the game will showcase some of the iconic characters from The Idolmaster, The Idolmaster Cinderella Girls, The Idolmaster Million Live!, The Idolmaster Side M and The Idolmaster Shiny Colors.

The Idolmaster Bandai Namco

With the January 20th announcement on the nearby horizon, Bandai Namco teased The Idolmaster game with two key visual and two teaser videos to get anime fans pumped. An official site for the 15th anniversary of The Idolmaster anime mentions that a collaboration between all Idolmaster series’ will come soon, along with new concerts, new events, new songs goods. Apparently the upcoming console game is just one of many ways The Idolmaster anime franchise will be celebrated in 2020.

Bandai Namco launched The Idolmaster in arcades in July 2005 in Japan, with the game later ported to Xbox 360 exclusively in Japan. The most recent The Idolmaster console game is The Idolmaster Stella Stage, which launched on PS4 in December 2017. The latest game overall is The Idolmaster Shiny Colors, which launched on PC on Enza in April 2018 and was later ported to mobile. We aren’t entirely sure whether the west can expect this upcoming The Idolmaster console game or if it’s staying in Japan like some of the older titles.

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Source: Dualshockers