Wake Island and Custom Servers Coming to Battlefield V

Wake Island and Custom Servers Are Coming to Battlefield V Next Week

EA DICE recently gave details about the upcoming patch for Battlefield V in a recent blog post featured alongside a new overview trailer. Wake Island has been a prominent Battlefield map since Battlefield 1942 and it makes a comeback on December 12th. Soldiers will be able to utilize vehicles as part of the arsenal on this classic, medium-sized map. Gamers will also be able to create their own rules in custom servers shortly beforehand on December 9th. Battlefield V is available on the Xbox One, PC and PS4.Battlefield V

Because Wake Island is a classic map, it’s likely that even more fans will be excited to play on it than Operation Metro which was another re-imagining of a memorable Battlefield map of the past. Soldiers will be able to blitz the battlefield on Breakthrough mode on Wake Island or go with the full classic feel by capturing points in Conquest mode. Community Games is what DICE calls their custom servers and they’ll be releasing next week with the following features:

  • Create, delete, update, and name one or several configurations
  • Create and join a Community Game
  • Automatically generated server name
  • Choose game size (16, 32, 64)
  • Choose how many rounds the server should play (max 20)
  • Choose the mode
  • Choose the maps
  • Choose a password (between 3-8 characters)
  • Choose the pre-round size (how many players are needed to break out of pre-round)
  • Kick players from the server
  • Ban and manage banned players (session only)
  • Special Community Games filter in Advanced Search

Apparently there are more features that Dice has planned for the future of the Community Games such as enabling squad leader spawn only or the ability to control what weapons are allowed. Are you excited to play Wake Island in Battlefield again or are you more interested in the custom servers? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: wccftech