Ubisoft Montreal Cancels Unannounced Project

Ubisoft Montreal Cancels Major Unannounced Project Three Years in the Making

According to Ubisoft programmer Louis de Carufel, an unannounced project that Ubisoft Montreal was working on for three years has been canceled. Apparently, according to Carufel, nobody that was working on the mystery project will lose their jobs, and will instead be reassigned to other projects at Ubisoft Montreal so there are no developers who will be without employment at Ubisoft. There’s no official word on which Ubisoft title was canceled after three years of development but because it’s unannounced, we may never know.

Ubisoft Montreal

“I just learned that the project I’ve been working on for the past 3 years has been cancelled. This is tough news because I’ve been working with all these people for around 7 years,” said Louis de Carufel. “During which we have shipped both Watch Dogs and Watch Dogs 2.” Carufel continued his Twitter tirade by explaining that everything is doom and gloom. “However, the good thing about working at Ubisoft Montreal is that nobody in the team has lost their job! Every single one of the 200+ people in the team will be reassigned to an existing project in the studio (there’s over 15 of them). We even get to choose which ones we prefer!” Clearly Ubisoft has good management when a project is cancelled but no developers lose their position.

“So it’s tough news, but I now see it as an opportunity to learn a new engine and meet new people,”  Carufel concluded. “Some of the projects are shipping in 2020, while others are just starting. It’s gonna be a difficult choice!” Now we get to put on our speculation caps and think of series’ that may have been canceled at Ubisoft Montreal. There has been a long rumored Assassin’s Creed title that takes place in Norse mythology but we expect that title to continue development given the success of Odyssey. Apparently the studio was working on a Splinter Cell title but Jason Schrier has already confirmed that title is still in active development.

Which title do you think Ubisoft Montreal has given up on? What game would you like them to shift their priorities towards now? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: wccftech