RE3 Remake Revealed at State of Play

The RE3 Remake Brings a Classic Survival Horror Experience to Modern Platforms

The long-rumored Resident Evil 3 remake was finally revealed on Tuesday during the final State of Play livestream of the year. Capcom’s highly-anticipated RE3 remake launches on Steam, Xbox One, and PS4 on April 3rd, 2020.

The announcement also revealed that the 4v1 multiplayer Resident Evil game, now officially titled, “Resident Evil Resistance”, is the RE3 remake’s multiplayer mode.

The RE3 remake puts players in the role of ex-Raccoon City cop Jill Valentine and takes place both before and after Resident Evil 2. When a viral zombie outbreak plunges the city into chaos, Jill has to escape while being hunted by the monstrous Nemesis, a creature made by the evil pharmaceutical company Umbrella. Umbrella wants to get rid of any witnesses who know about its illegal zombie experiments and Jill is one of the few people who know the truth about the company.

RE3 Remake

Going by the trailer, it looks like the RE3 remake will have the same third-person over-the-shoulder gameplay that was featured in the Resident Evil 2 remake. However, there were certain parts of the trailer (possibly cutscenes) that were shown in first-person. Also, much like the original RE3, this upcoming remake will have areas that were first seen in RE2, according to an official PlayStation Blog post about the reveal.

While both remakes run on Capcom’s RE Engine, one major difference between the two is the existence of Nemesis in RE3. In the original game, Nemesis is much more relentless and dangerous than the Tyrant (aka Mr. X) who menaced players during RE2. He moved faster, he had a rocket launcher arm, and could appear more dynamically than Mr. X.

Unfortunately, the remake’s reveal trailer only teased Nemesis and the none of the official info gave any details about how the remake’s version of him will differ from the original’s.

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