Project Resistance Gameplay Shows Intense 4-Player Zombie Fighting Action

Project Resistance Gets a Closed Beta in October

Recent Project Resistance gameplay showed off co-op gameplay with the four survivor characters along with some gameplay for the playable “Mastermind” character. You can check out the new gameplay in the video below!

According to the video’s title, this is what a full match in Project Resistance looks like. The gameplay footage shows the four survivors, January, Valerie, Tyrone, and Samuel, having to work together as they go from room to room fighting zombies, avoiding traps, and overcoming obstacles. Each character has their own unique skills (such as Tyrone being able to take lots of damage).

Project Resistance

Controlling all this mayhem is the “Mastermind” player, who needs to stop the survivors by laying traps, spawning enemies, using deadly turret cameras, and even taking direct control of the imposing Mr. X from the Resident Evil 2 remake that launched earlier this year.

Project Resistance currently doesn’t have a release date but a closed beta is planned for PS4 & Xbox One in October. There’s also an offline singleplayer campaign planned for the game.

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