Kingdom Hearts 3 ReMind Coming to PC

Microsoft Store Hints at a Potential PC Release for Kingdom Hearts 3 Remind

The Microsoft Store has a listing for Kingdom Hearts 3‘s upcoming DLC, ReMind, with a description that apparently points towards an upcoming PC release. It could be speculation at this point but the Microsoft Store specifically says, “get this app while signed in to your Microsoft account and install on your Windows 10 devices,” which heavily infers an upcoming PC release whether it’s intended or not. Kingdom Hearts 3 is currently available on Xbox One and PS4 so it will be nice to see the PC community receive some support in the future.

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With the upcoming ReMind DLC releasing, the Microsoft Store promoted it without specifying it would only be for Xbox One consoles and in fact, it’s promoted as if the product is available on PC now. Because the Microsoft Store has been the source of many leaks, it’s likely that this rumor will eventually become confirmed. The game released on the Xbox One without having any history of titles on the platform and we hope the Microsoft Store rumor is another example of Square Enix expanding Kingdom Hearts’ player base.

ReMind releases next month for PS4 gamers and in February for Kingdom Hearts players on the Xbox One and if this rumor has any validity to it, a PC release will follow. Because of how many spin-off titles the Kingdom Hearts series receives, it’s a wise move to expand onto other platforms to further incentivize PC gamers to become console gamers and vice versa. We really liked the intense combat and the visually stunning 60FPS of Kingdom Hearts 3. Are you curious what else we thought about the new KH title? Check out our review before ReMind comes out right here!

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Source: Gaming Bolt