Kingdom Hearts 3’s Critical Mode Launches This Week for Free

This Anticipated Kingdom Hearts 3 Difficulty Mode Is Almost Here

The “Critical Mode” difficulty featured in past Kingdom Hearts games is coming to Kingdom Hearts 3 on Tuesday as a free update, according to the franchise’s official Twitter account.

kingdom hearts 3

“Greetings, it’s been a while since I last posted,” a Monday Twitter message from series creator Tetsuya Nomura read. “Spring is here, and I hope everyone is doing well. III’s long-awaited Critical Mode is available as a free update tomorrow (PT).”

Nomura added that the game’s developers “changed things up from the previous games” but gave no additional information about what exactly these changes are.

“Critical Mode” is meant to be the most challenging difficulty that Kingdom Hearts 3 has to offer so probably only experienced players should try it out.

If you’re thinking of getting Kingdom Hearts 3 then you should read our review beforehand. “Kingdom Hearts 3 is still some of the most genuine and wholesome fun I’ve had in thirteen years, and even though to some degree it is more of the same that we’ve seen from past titles with more polish, finesse, and technological magic, but in a way, that’s what makes it feel like home,” our reviewer wrote.

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