Trailer Drops for Kingdom Hearts 3 Re Mind DLC, Coming This Winter

I Was a Fool, Expecting to Understand Anything

After waiting so very long for Kingdom Hearts 3, it would only be fitting to wait a long time for any DLC. It sounds crazy to say, but waiting a year for this does not seem too long, considering what game we’re talking about. We got a reveal trailer for the Kingdom Hearts 3 Re Mind DLC a few months ago. The story content of these two trailers are pretty different, but are equally I-don’t-understand.

Kingdom Hearts 3 Re Mind DLC

There are hints of a time-travel sequence or some narrative tool to that effect. The trailer opens up with some narration that says, “The heart you have now already existed during that time. It had already gone back into the past. Nothing can change that fact.” The previous trailer released around E3 suggested that this DLC runs parallel to the ending of Kingdom Hearts 3. There is also a part in the new trailer where Sora returns to the “World of Ocean and Sky” where he went to revive his friends. He also speaks to Naminé and tells her to head there too. The trailer ends teasing the fight between Terranort and the Lingering Will, which was the dope-ass knight in the Keyblade Graveyard fight.

Again, this DLC might be showing us an alternative perspective on the second Keyblade War at the end of Kingdom Hearts 3. The trailer says that it will come out “this Winter”, but this is Kingdom Hearts 3 we’re talking about. Don’t hold your breath. Kingdom Hearts 3 is out now on PS4 and Xbox One.

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Source: YouTube