Smash Bros. Ultimate Update 6.1.0 Coming Soon

Smash Bros. Ultimate Getting More Balancing, Features and Content

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate will be receiving update 6.1.0 very soon, including balance changes, spirits and Battle Arena features. The Spirit Board challenges will be centered around the SNK series, featuring spirits such as Haohmaru and Ryo Sakazaki. DLC outfits like the Ryo Sakazaki outfit and the Akira Wig with the outfit are also equippable now for people who purchase the outfits. All of the features the update focuses on are specifically centered on the battle arena mode. There’s no official release date for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate update 6.1.0 but it will apparently be ready in days.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate

The following spirits will be available through the Spirit Board after update 6.1.0: Kyo Kusanagi, Ryo Sakazaki, Geese Howard, Kim Kaphwan, Joe Higashi, Andy Bogard, Iori Yagami, Haohmaru, Nakoruru, Athena Asamiya and Ralf & Clark. Tockles is also available on the Dragon Quest Spirit Board in the DLC spirits menu. To unlock these spirits on their Spirit Boards, gamers will have to purchase the appropriate downloadable content.Several issues have been fixed and balance changes have been made to improve the overall gameplay experience.

Gamers will be able to send set messages to each other inside Battle Arena’s now and the option “Random Battlefield and Ω Form” has been added to the stage settings. Arenas that a friend has created can now be found by going to Friends’ Arenas, regardless of visibility. The host player can now change some rules without having to shut down the arena, making the setup a lot easier. The following DLC outfits will be available after update 6.1.0 releases: Iori Yagami Wig + outfit, Nakoruru Wig + outfit, Ryo Sakazaki Wig + outfit, Akira Wig + outfit Jacy Wig + outfit.

Are you looking forward to any of the outfits or spirits coming with update 6.1.0? Are you enjoying Terry as a DLC character or do you prefer one of the other Fighter Pass characters? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: wccftech