Masahiro Sakurai Honors Satoru Iwata at TGS

Masahiro Sakurai Got Emotional When Accepting Japan Game Award

During an award ceremony at Tokyo Games Show, Masahiro Sakurai accepted the TGS Grand Award for the Nintendo Switch fighter which was one of four awards Super Smash Bros. Ultimate received at TGS. While accepting the award, Masahiro Sakurai explained how accomplishing the ambition behind Super Smash Bros. Ultimate was Satoru Iwata’s final mission he gave to Sakurai. While getting emotional on stage, Sakurai showed gamers how real these developers and studio leaders are and though he apologized for it, we actually thank him.

Masahiro Sakurai

Masahiro Sakurai and Satoru Iwata had a long working relationship as the duo worked together at HAL Laboratories on titles like Kirby and the original Super Smash Bros. Satoru Iwata, Nintendo CEO and President for about 13 years passed away in July, 2015 and the industry hasn’t been the same since, but his life lives on in titles such as Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Accepting the award on stage at TGS, Masahiro Sakurai said:

“I’m sorry for bringing up this personal story at a time at a time like this… but making Smash Bros. on Switch was the last mission the late Satoru Iwata gave to me… I’ve put my all into the game, and with more DLC I will continue to work hard.”

After years of seeing Satoru Iwata making Nintendo’s major announcements, it’s still noticed that his warm and eccentric personality is missing from the gaming industry. As a figurehead who had such a positive and drastic influence on gaming, it’s great seeing him honored at events four years later. Gone, but not forgotten, we’re thankful Satoru Iwata was able to accomplish the mission he promised Masahiro Sakurai of making Super Smash Bros. Ultimate one of the best fighting games.

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Source: Gaming Bolt