Golden PSN Avatar Selling For $100 USD

What A Bargain!

If you’ve got a hundred bucks burning a hole in your pocket and literally nothing else to spend it on, you can get a PSN avatar! Noted video game deal hunter Wario64 spotted this anomaly earlier today. Available here, it appears to be gold and have zero other redeeming features. Yes, it is absolutely real. No, I have no idea how it connects to the game in question.

Golden Prince PSN avatar

What game, you may be asking? Why, State of Anarchy: Master of Mayhem! This is somewhat confusing, as the official list of avatars associated with this game does not include this golden Arabic man. Although there is like, a regular Arab dude avatar available for 99 cents. Which begs the question, why this avatar? Why now?

The PSN listing even reveals that this avatar was only made available in the last week. The game, on the other hand, came out about a year ago. So why on Earth is this happening now? Perhaps the publisher drummed this up as a publicity stunt. Or maybe this was just some bizarre error, soon to be rectified and erased. Either way, it’s only $100 USD! What a steal of a deal!