PSP And PS3 PSN Stores Reportedly Shutting Down Soon

If You’ve Got Any Purchases To Make, Make Them Now

A new report is coming down the pipes, one claiming that the PSN stores for PS3 and PSP are shutting down very soon. Well, ‘soon’ in this case is July and August, but still. The end is nigh! Make those digital purchases while you can!

PS3 PSP PS Vita PSN Shutdown

This hasn’t been officially been announced by Sony or anything yet, but the rumors suggest said official announcement is on the way. We’ll know for sure at the end of the month, in fact. But really, a PSN shutdown was always happening, it’s just a matter of when. In this case, the PSP and PS3 stores are closing on July 2nd, while the PS Vita’s storefront will shutdown on August 27th.

This isn’t an unusual practice. Both Nintendo and Sony have made it standard procedure to slowly phase out older versions of consoles and their associated storefronts. Even non-commercial digital spaces get shuttered at some point. While it’s not happening immediately, this would still be a good time to get your retro PSN affairs in order. After this summer, all those digital games will be forever lost. Well, they’ll be lost until Sony resurrects them on the PS4/PS5 PSN marketplace. Expect that official announcement soon!