Dragon Quest Builders 2 Gets Jumbo Demo for Switch

Play a Whole Bunch of The Game for Free

Okay, so in this case ‘a whole bunch of the game’ means up to the second island, but still. The Dragon Quest Builders 2 Jumbo Demo is a meaty chunk of gameplay for anyone curious about this cute little Minecraft clone.

Dragon Quest Builders 2 jumbo demo

Even calling it a Minecraft clone is a gross misrepresentation, honestly. For one thing, Builders 2 has a proper story to work through. Also, this game has slimes, which are an essential component to any truly successful RPG. Without blue slimes, what is your hero supposed to wallop as they figure out which end of the oaken club to hold? Goblins? Kobolds? Third kind of low-level monster?

Whether you played the original or not, this is a perfect time to check out the Dragon Quest Builders franchise. Assuming you have a Nintendo Switch, that is. Presently there are no plans to bring the Jumbo Demo to the PS4 version of the game. Playstation gamers will just have to read our review to determine whether or not the game is worth playing. If nothing else, it’s a great chance to test your castle assembly skills on a tireless workforce without the power to complain.