In Rays of the Light Has an Atmospheric and Eerie Launch Trailer

Please, Let the Bodies Hit the Floor

If you like relaxing walking sims like Gone Home, In Rays of the Light might be right up your alley. Just from a quick viewing of the trailer, it is unclear what the game is about. Such is an indie game, am I right? In Rays of the Light is actually a console port of a game called The Light Remake, which is a remake of a 2012 game called The Light, if you can believe it. The Light Remake and In Rays of the Light were made by the sole developer Sergey Noskov.

In Rays of the Light

In Rays of the Light is set in a desolate city, where nature has flourished in the absence of humans. Kind of like I Am Legend minus the infected people. The player can explore the city and piece together the story of this empty world. There are also some creepy and eerie discoveries to make when you’re out on the town. Why is the city empty? What happened to all the people? Well, you are about to find out. Something bigger than just missing people is occurring.

The Light Remake came out last year on PC and earlier this week, In Rays of the Light launched on consoles. The console release was published by Sometimes You, who often handles console ports of PC games. In Rays of the Light is out now for PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

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