Steam Sale Dates For Halloween, Autumn, and Winter Have All Been Leaked

Better Start Saving Up Now

There are not many events within the gaming world that cause so much joy and jubilation as Steam sales. The Steam Summer sale alone is a quasi-holiday within the gaming community. However, that does not mean that the other Steam sales are anything to scoff at. There are plenty of annual sales that Valve plans for its customers. The most notable ones aside from the Summer sale are the ones that take place in the Fall. Luckily for us, the date for the Steam Halloween, Autumn, and Winter sales have all been leaked. Now you’ll at least be able to pinpoint when you’ll be emptying your bank account on cheap video games.

steam halloween sale

  • Halloween Steam Sale: October 28th to November 1st
  • Autumn Steam Sale: November 26th to December 3rd
  • Winter Steam Sale: December 19th to January 2nd

Despite these dates being leaked, it is not that big a surprise as they mostly line up with what Valve has done in previous years. If these dates remain the same then PC gamers are in for a lot of great deals in the coming months. While the Halloween sale is only going to last three days. The Autumn and Winter sales are going to be quite lengthy and are not far apart from one another. The Winter sale is going to be a great way to get ahold of some last-minute presents as well as a perfect way to blow all that Christmas cash on Boxing Day.

However, everyone should keep in mind that these dates have not been confirmed by anyone at Valve yet. But it is worth mentioning that the date for this year’s Summer sale was leaked and it turned out to be correct.

Either way, great deals are on the horizon.