Testing Begins for Highly Requested Feature Twitch Watch Parties

Just Don’t Call It “Twatch”

Watching movies with friends and family has always been a popular pastime, whether it’s at a theater or at home on the couch. When things like Skype grew in popularity, people wanted to experience watching movies on those platforms across long distances. There was a lot of “Ready? Press play in 3… 2… 1…” and very few platforms made it easy to do. Twitch is introducing a way for streamers to do this with their viewers; something people have taken to calling Twitch Watch Parties, only in an official capacity.

Twitch Watch Parties

The concept is not new. Streamers already do this with things like YouTube videos, streams of conventions like E3, or video game awards. Content creator Rooster Teeth has a series called Theater Mode where the cast of Achievement Hunter watches films. If you are not familiar with this series, it’s like a Let’s Play, but with movies instead. It is also what we can probably expect from Twitch streamers using this Watch Party feature.

Because Twitch is owned by Amazon, this feature will be using Amazon Prime to stream the movies. Viewers in the chat will also have to have an Amazon Prime subscription to join in on the stream. Twitch has begun sending out invites to select streamers to help test out this feature. So far, no word on when this feature will be widely available or if there will be limitations to it other than the limitations of the Amazon Prime library.

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Source: Polygon