GTA V Will Have Over 70 New Missions Thanks to This Mod

Mods Come to the Rescue Once Again 

GTA V Online took a very long time to come together. For those who can remember all the way back into 2013, when GTA V first launched. The online portion of the game was totally unplayable. The servers were constantly down, bugs were everywhere, progress was seldom saved. It was a total mess. But Rockstar, over the years, managed to continually update GTA Online and made it into a pleasant experience. Particularly the addition of missions. Highly detailed and exciting jobs that you and your friends can complete in order to cash out and make tons of money. The only issue with missions is that there are not that many in the base game. This is where this new mod comes in to save the day.

gta V top screen

A new mod has emerged that has added 70 brand new missions that you and your friends can play. There is more on the way as well. This mod is sadly only available for those GTA players who have a PC. Console players are just going to have to look on with envy. The modder alebal, says that he likes to add ten new missions to every update. Chances are that this new mod will keep you and your friends busy more a long time.

These missions are not some Micky Mouse operations either. You and three other people are still going to be completing intricate and complex tasks. Just like the base game. If you have run out of things to do in GTA V, look no further.

GTA Online has kept GTA V relevant for much longer than most games, however, every game gets stale eventually. So why not spice things up a bit and add a boatload of mods in order to keep you busy? You won’t regret it.