EA Has Managed to Leak FIFA 20 Player’s Personal Info

Never Change EA, Never ChangeĀ 

The FIFA 20 Global Series kicked off yesterday. The Global Series is a highly competitive tournament that pits the best FIFA players around the world against one another. Needless to say, the competition is pretty high. Just imagine the most sweaty FIFA player out of your friend group and then multiply that by 1000. That’s how good these people are. While this is usually an exciting time for the FIFA community it was unfortunately wracked with controversy as EA made a massive blunder with its customer’s private info.


If you were eager enough to sign up for the FIFA 20 Global Series early enough, then chances are that EA accidentally shared your private info. EA really managed to drop the ball in vintage EA fashion. For the first 1,600 people who signed up. Almost all of them have their very personal info revealed to the rest of the community.

EA almost immediately fixed the issue. But the damage was done. Outraged fans took to Twitter to let EA know what they thought about their careless handling of their personal info. EA did apologize but it mostly fell on deaf ears.

EA and FIFA 20 have not been doing too well as of late. The game has not been well received by fans. Career Mode, in particular, is a buggy mess. It has gotten so bad that NBA center and NBA Live cover athlete Joel Embid has come forward to openly criticize EA.

The FIFA series is by far the highest-grossing sports video game in the world. The numbers are not even close. However, that has not stopped fans from being heavily critical of the game and EA. Many of them feel neglected and abused by EA and FIFA who have essentially refused to fix glaring issues in their game.