Eek! Games Has Added House Party Combat and Teases More for Next Update

A Fight Would Really Liven Things up Around Here

The kind of controversial and very NSFW game House Party has gone through some pretty major updates since it entered Early Access, but none perhaps as major as the recent 0.15.4 update. New characters, quests, items, and *ahem* physical encounters have been added before, but now House Party combat entered the arena. If you’ve played House Party before, you’ve been beaten up by Frank. Thems just facts. Once he’s on you, it’s pretty much over, but that may be a thing of the past. Our silent protagonist will now learn how to throw a punch.

House Party Combat

The new combat mechanic is actually part of the update largely focused on Leah, one of the newer characters to join the party. Introduced a few updates ago, Leah now has her own fully fleshed out quest line during which the player will learn how to fight. Though this is a game changer, it’s not like a light switch, going from off to on. According to the developer blog, there will be items that affect strength, stamina, and speed; the three S’s of fighting. There will also be a virtual training zone using the hyper-advanced VR system known as Compubrah, introduced a couple of updates ago.

Other than Leah, another of the newer characters is the YouTuber Lety from Lety Does Stuff. She was a winner to be added into the game along with Game Grumps. The Game Grumps have not been added yet, but the newest developer blog ends suggesting that the next major update will be introducing Arin and Dan.

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Source: Eek! Games