PS4 Won’t Get Modern Warfare DLC Early

New Modern Warfare Content Will Hit All Platforms at Once

Because of the highly touted crossplay feature coming to Call of Duty for the first time with Modern Warfare, PS4 gamers won’t continue getting new maps, guns, etc. early. While gamers are typically matched with others using the same input controls, there are lobbies that have no control scheme filters in some rare cases, matching them up with everyone. Apparently, despite losing early-access to Call of Duty DLC, Playstation 4 gamers can expect to receive an exciting day one advantage. Modern Warfare releases on October 25th on PC, Xbox One and PS4.

Modern Warfare

According to Infinity Ward’s internal testing, controller gamers have been able to compete with mouse and keyboard gamers which implies they’re taking their crossplay feature very seriously. To play online, gamers will have to create a Call of Duty account which allows friends on other consoles to find them and set up crossplay parties. Gamers will link their PSN, Xbox Live, Steam, Activision and/or Blizzard account to their Call of Duty accounts so the servers know your primary method of playing Call of Duty. In-game icons indicated what input controls each gamer is using and which platform they’re playing on.

We think it’s a good move to keep gamers on the same level with the DLC and are happy that the new maps will be free this time around rather than hidden behind a CoD pass. Despite the change in DLC early-access, Playstation maintains their partnership with Call of Duty so it’s still likely PS4 gamers will receive something the rest of the platforms won’t. The next phase of Beta testing for Modern Warfare will include crossplay between early access gamers on Xbox One and PC while PS4 will receive an open beta from September 19th-20th. An Open beta on all available platforms goes from September 21st-23rd and this beta will likely test the crossplay feature and give Infinity Ward an idea of how many gamers are excited for the return to Modern Warfare.

What console will you be crossplaying with your friends in Modern Warfare from? Were you able to try the first beta of the latest Call of Duty? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: wccftech