The Last of Us Part II is 50% Bigger Than the Original

The Last of Us Part II Has Even More to Explore Than the Original

During a recent interview, Naughty Dog Narrative Lead Halley Gross explained that the sequel the team has created is 50% bigger than the original Last of Us. The game will feature more cinematics, longer and wider levels, more animations, more characters and a plethora of things. Halley Gross is confident that The Last of Us Part II offers everything the original did, but way more. The Last of Us Part II will release on February 21st 2020 exclusively for the PS4.

The Last of Us Part ii The Last of Us II

The average playthrough length of The Last of Us Part II is expected to be around 23 hours according to the 50% increase in content, however it’s likely speedrunners will find ways to complete it in a fraction of that time. Apparently gamers can expect different things on each playthrough as there’s always something new to discover, like a classic film and enemies don’t always react the same way.

“Every time I play, I discover something new. All of our setups are so big, so complicated, you can do so many different things, each setup like as I’m sure you guys saw in the suburbs, like, you can come at the same setup and play it so many different ways and get new reactions from your enemies, get new reactions from Ellie, I find it a great way to spend a work day,” said Halley Gross.

Apparently multiplayer is still a consideration of Naughty Dog, though the new Last of Us won’t ship with it because the single player turned out to be bigger and more ambitious than the expected it to be. The multiplayer team at Naughty Dog is still thinking of ways to implement multiplayer content into the game post-launch. “So because it turned out to be such a big and complex game, we decided to focus entirely on single player, so there will be no multiplayer for the last month or two, unfortunately, but we still very much care deeply about our multiplayer team,” said Halley Gross.


What’s your favorite part of The Last of Us that you’d like to see way more of in the upcoming sequel? Are you expecting to see more death with more characters being introduced? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: wccftech