Samsung Note 10 and 10+ Feature Call of Duty: Mobile

Call of Duty: Mobile Comes Pre-Loaded on the Samsung Note 10 and 10+

Fornite for Android launched alongside the Samsung Note 9 last year and this year Call of Duty: Mobile looks to take that spot as it’s currently in the beta phase in Canada, Australia and some other regions on iOS and Android. CoD Mobile will be pre-loaded on the Samsung Note 10 and 10+, likely giving players who haven’t signed up yet access to the beta. The Call of Duty: Mobile beta will likely spread into new regions in a rolling launch as it’s currently available for users in other regions to register for early access on the Google Play Store, though it’s currently unknown if CoD mobile will launch in every region.

Call of Duty: Mobile

Continuing the recent theme of Samsung marketing their Note series as a gaming platform, this partnership with TenCent launching Call of Duty: Mobile with the Note 10 and 10+ brings more eyes to the game launching later in the year. Call of Duty: Mobile includes familiar multiplayer game modes available on the go, including the 100-player battle royale mode. It combines fan favorite maps, guns and customization options from across multiple classic Call of Duty titles which will be familiar to fans of the console and PC franchise making its way to the mobile market.

The Galaxy Note 10 and 10+ have the functionality of streaming PC games through the PlayGalaxy Link P2P streaming service. Vapor cooling chambers keep the phone from overheating while the Game Booster system optimizes the compressed current-gen games for mobile play. Samsung’s Game Centre app is also planned to have Discord integration soon, which maintains the marketing that Samsung’s Note series is optimized for gaming.

Are you planning on signing up for the CoD: Mobile beta? If you need a phone, are you getting a Samsung Note 10 or 10+? Let us know what your favorite Call of Duty title in the comments below!

Source: wccftech