EA Isn’t Done With Star Wars: Battlefront II

Star Wars: Battlefront II Has a Lot of Content Coming 2019

In a recent community thread, the Star Wars: Battlefront II development team detailed their content road map plans for 2019 and beyond. EA will be adding to the game in almost every way in 2019 including new maps, new skins, new characters and new ways to play the game. Existing content is being altered slightly after certain objectives weren’t going as well as Dice intended and typical balancing and bug fixes are expected as well as an overhaul to the spawn system.

EA Battlefront II

New droid appearances are highlighted in the post, showing a pilot, a jungle runner and a training droid, all of which will fight as any of the four trooper classes. The battle of Felucia is a new map that’s been built from the ground up with Capital Supremacy in mind. The Felucian landscape spans across caves, farms and command posts as the droids try to thwart the clones who are trying to collect a large cache of medicinal plants.

Four-player online co-op releases on Star Wars: Battlefront II in September, sending four friends on large scale PvE adventures. All five clone wars planets will be available for these large scale battles and gamers will be able to choose any hero or villain to assist in the fight, but so can the enemy forces. Instant Action returns to the Battlefront franchise as two teams fight over five command posts, similar to Capital Supremacy, where each side competes to reach 100% first. This mode sounds similar to Conquest from Battlefield V. Other aesthetic changes coming to Star Wars: Battlefront II include the Clone Commando, familiar to anyone who watched the Clone Wars series and/or Attack of the Clones as well as a community event offering a number of appearances for gamers to grind towards.

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Source: Gaming Bolt