Black Desert MMO Launching Globally on Mobile

Black Desert Mobile Releasing Globally Later This Year

Black Desert Mobile has seen tremendous success in Japan and Taiwan which is leading the Korean Developer Pearl Abyss to a global release on Android later this year. Though fans remain hesitant to get excited, due to false promises from Pearl Abyss before, the developers assure us their intention of releasing to a mass market soon. Black Desert is currently available in over 150 countries with over 18 million registered users who play the MMORPG on PC, Xbox One, PS4 and Mobile where it’s currently available.

black desert mobile

Black Desert was initially a PC MMORPG developed by Pearl Abyss who remastered their dated visuals in August 2018. Gamers can play as a Giant, Ranger, Dark Knight, Witch or a Sorceress in the Korean sandbox through PvE, PvP and GvG content. Players can also customize their dwellings and purchase in-game real estate. The initial version of Black Desert Mobile was extremely complex, leading to changes being made and mechanics being altered or removed to accommodate for the Mobile platform. Apparently despite the changes being made for Mobile, Pearl Abyss says the game retains the spirit of the PC version similar to how the console version does.

Auto questing is a significant mechanic that Pearl Abyss added to Black Desert Mobile to help reduce the time gamers have to dedicate to grinding and questing for minimal loot and is an opportunity for microtransactions. The combat requires quick reactions, micromanagement and it isn’t target-based. Though Pearl Abyss has struggled to fulfill promises on releasing Black Desert Mobile before, this is the first time the Korean Developer has given us an idea of when they’d like to see it release worldwide. Trying to decide if this game is for you? This is what we thought about its transition to Xbox One.

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Source: wccftech