Black Desert Thrusts a Silky Smooth Action MMORPG for the Xbox One

Black Desert Xbox One E3 Preview

Today, at the Xbox E3 Showcase in LA, we had a chance to try out Black Desert on the Xbox One. As most know, Black Desert’s upcoming release isn’t its first as Black Desert Online is already readily available to play on PC. Going further back, its initial demonstration of its character creation took many by surprise with its highly in-depth customization options.  However, its console release is one looked forward to by many as it’ll provide yet another full MMORPG to venture in without a PC, let alone a high-grade one to run it properly.

Black Desert is a seamless action adventure that doesn’t rely on a clunky targeting or lock-on system. Instead, it’s the timing and execution of your moves that make the experience rich, as well as fluid. In the demo, a handful of classes were available to try out, but I personally chose the berserker and sorceress to annihilate my enemies with.

Black Desert

Very clearly setting differences between the two, the berserker unleashes punishing, hard-hitting moves that overpower your enemies. Meanwhile, the sorceress gracefully uses speed and magic to overwhelm her enemies. However, mechanics are not the only feature that differentiates the two, but also their visual aesthetics. The berserker surrounded by an earthly giant aura, while the sorceress with a dark magic haze, creates a unique feel to the character you carefully level up and choose to progress with.

By chaining moves together or selecting a skill in the circle menu cycled with the thumbstick, the combat, animation, and sense of power are executed flawlessly. The updated UI to accommodate the Xbox One controller also allows for the control and management of everything with ease. And, given that this is a full-blown MMORPG, there’s a ton to manage aside from the items and equipment you’ve collected.

Black Desert

Whether going at it alone or joining up with other friends, Black Desert has the means to accommodate whatever adventure you wish to partake on.  And, this time, that next adventure will be on consoles. Black Desert has no official release date as of yet, but players can look forward to its beta happening sometime this fall of 2018.