Black Desert Arrives on PS4 Today

Black Desert’s PS4 Version Is Now Available

Black Desert launched on PS4 today with an extensive content roadmap that will bring new mechanics and worlds to the popular MMORPG. According to a press release, three different versions will be available for purchase: Standard ($29.99 USD), Deluxe ($49.99 USD), and Ultimate ($99.99 USD).

Black Desert

“Launching on the PlayStation 4 marks an important milestone for our company and the game’s continued expansion into new territories, fulfilling player needs for a strong MMORPG on console system,” said Robin Jung, the CEO of the game’s studio Pearl Abyss. “We’re launching on a strong note and will maintain a steady drumbeat of regular content expansions to make Black Desert the best action MMORPG available in the world.”

Players can choose to be a Berserker, Witch, Ranger, Sorceress, Warrior, or Wizard and customize their character before they enter a war between the Republic of Calpheon and the Kingdom of Valencia. The two countries have been fighting over the Black Stones, which are described as objects of immense power.

Black Desert has the typical MMORPG features: there are monsters to fight, quests to embark on, and plenty of side activities such as fishing. A recent content roadmap also detailed more upcoming features such as the Awakening combat style, new classes, and new regions like Kamaslyvia.

Source: Press release