Yahtzee Meets DnD in Dicey Dungeons – August Release Date

“Let the Good Times Roll’

In a game of chance, you usually ask Lady Luck for her favour, but in this game she is out to get you. Dicey Dungeons is a turn-based roguelike game where you play as dice. It is developed and published by Terry Cavanagh, and if that name sounds familiar to you, he also made the infamous VVVVVV and Super Hexagon games. This new title is made by, for, and of dice. Lady Luck has turned some contestants into dice and trapped them in a dungeon where they must fight through levels of enemies and treasure.

Dicey Dungeons

Players must navigate through tiles of each level of the dungeon. They will encounter enemies in combat that resembles Yahtzee. The abilities the players can use come in the form of cards that require certain dice rolls or that are affected by the roll results. For example, the player can roll a few dice, pick from the results, and choose which dice to assign to the abilities in that turn. The abilities can be held in the player’s inventory and equipped outside of combat. The abilities can be found on the map, traded, bought, and sold from shopkeepers.

Recently, Dicey Dungeons has been given the release date of August 13th and can be purchased on Steam and itch. It has no set price yet.

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Source: Steam