The Trailer For Gears of War 5 Arcade Deathmatch is Out and Its Just as Violent as You Thought it Would Be

Nothing Wrong With Chainsawing Your Friends in Half

Gears of War came bursting onto the gaming scene with a big splash. It launched with the Xbox 360 all the way back in 2006 and ever since then Gears fans fell in love with the over the top violence and cheesy one-liners that the series is known for. So, good news for everyone who was expecting more of the same obnoxious, gore-filled gameplay. The trailer for the Gears of War 5 arcade deathmatch mode was just released and it looks fantastic.

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Now just because they have decided to stick to the same formula that has been present in past Gears of War games, doesn’t mean there is nothing new in Gears 5. The arcade mode is one of these interesting new additions. Arcade mode plays similarly to normal team deathmatch, however, the player gets an upgrade in weaponry once they kill and opponent of the other team. Sort of like gun game, the player’s weapons will keep on getting better as they rack up the kills.

Arcade mode also makes the player chose from five different classes. All of which have their own unique abilities, kill rewards, load-outs and upgrade tree.  They are……

Hunter Class – Kait / Swarm Hunter

  • Passive: Increased Movement Speed
  • Bounty: Execute for an additional Skull
  • Loadout: Hammerburst, Talon Autopistol, Smoke Grenade
  • Upgrades: Boltok, Incendiary Grenades, Torque Bow

Support Class – JD / Swarm Drone

  • Passive: Spot enemies who damage you and grant health to allies who kill the enemy spotted.
  • Bounty: Multi-kill for an additional Skull.
  • Loadout: Lancer, Snub Pistol, Flashbangs
  • Upgrades: 3 Random Weapon upgrade slots of varying quality

Heavy Class – Del/Scion

  • Passive: Kills grant a stim. Extra health above the normal maximum.
  • Bounty: Multi-kill for an additional Skull
  • Loadout: Hammerburst, Talon Autopistol
  • Upgrades: Buzzkill, Mulcher, RL-4 Salvo

CQB Class – Marcus/Swarm Grenadier

  • Passive: Increased cover slide speed and distance
  • Bounty: Execute for an additional Skull
  • Loadout: Enforcer, Snub Pistol, Smoke Grenade
  • Upgrades: Shock Grenades, Gnasher, Breaker Mace

Sniper Class – Fahz/Swarm Sniper

  • Passive: Immune to flinching when aiming down the sights or fully scoped
  • Bounty: Headshot kill for an additional Skull
  • Loadout: Lancer, Talon Autopistol, Flashbang
  • Upgrades: Boltok, Marzka, Longshot

Gears of War 5 launches one PC and the Xbox One on September 10th.

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