The Inclusion of White Phosphorus as a Killstreak in the Next Call of Duty Has Stirred Up Some Controversy

Any Publicity is Good Publicity 

Call of Duty Modern Warfare has been getting a lot of online criticism lately. The latest scandal that this game has found itself in is the inclusion of white phosphorus as an available killstreak in the online multiplayer. The main complaint of the people criticizing the game is that Call of Duty is glamorizing white phosphorus as a reward to the player. White phosphorus, for those who do not know, is an incendiary weapon similar to napalm. It is undoubtedly a horrific weapon, but is it worse than others?

Modern Warfare Screenshots

One person tweeted.

“Without flying down a cool PTSD hole (again) I want to say it horrifies me to think people in the West are so barbaric and desensitized to the evilest forms of violence that white phosphorus is just a fun, cool video game thing. It is my worst fears about MMSs realized”.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare has been the center of controversy ever since it was first announced only a couple of months ago. From the hyper-realistic depictions of violence to the inclusion of child soldiers. This new Call of Duty has seemed to be living on the edge. Gaming journalists have stated publicly that they would not play the game if it was anything like they witnessed at the closed demos at E3. This, of course, has just made regular people want to buy the game even more.

Over the top, outrageous and a little bit naughty is what sells. The main complaint from fans of the Call of Duty franchise was that the games were too bland. Well, Infinity Ward was listening. It appears that they have quite the game in store for us in October. For better or worse. Whatever comes on October 25th is going to be big.