The Witcher 3 Has Been Confirmed for Nintendo Switch

Looks Like Those The Witcher 3 Switch Rumors Were True

Update (8:02 PM ET): According to the franchise’s official Twitter account, The Witcher 3 on the Switch will run in 540p in handheld mode and in 720p “with dynamic resolution” in docked mode. The Twitter account also revealed that the port will be 32 gigs.

Original Story:

The rumored The Witcher 3 port for the Nintendo Switch was confirmed on Tuesday during Nintendo’s E3 Direct. The port will be the complete edition of the critically-acclaimed open-world RPG and will launch this year.

The Witcher 3

Switch owners should read our 2015 review of the game in order to find out more about The Witcher 3.

“There is no question The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt delivers a superb ‘Triple A’ RPG experience,” the review’s author wrote. “Featuring some of the best story telling we have seen so far this year and an unforgettable, dynamic and vast open world, Witcher 3 stands as a must own for not only fans of the franchise but those looking for rich experience they can soak 100+ hours into.”

According to our reviewer, the game’s mainquest can “take you anywhere from 50 to 70 hours to complete” and there’s also a lot of side content. “The amount of secondary quests (including Witcher contracts) featured in the game is staggering and while the main story is enjoyable the game truly shines when you are just galloping along on your trusty horse taking in everything the world has to offer,” the reviewer wrote.

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