New Marvel’s Avengers Teaser Trailer Reveals the Original Ant-Man Hank Pym

Hank Pym Featured in a New Marvel’s Avengers Trailer at E3

Today, during the biggest gaming event of the year, Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics finally threw back the curtain and unveiled Marvel’s Avengers with an awesome debut trailer. The trailer and the developers shared some exciting details about the game however before leaving the stage they threw in another short trailer featuring the original Ant-Man Hank Pym.

Marvel's Avengers

Not only did we receive a bunch of new information about Marvel’s Avengers during the press conference, including the fact that it’s set to release on May 15th, 2020, but the developers confirmed that this co-op title will feature the five major characters that are always the focus of the movies, games, etc. And while it was exhilarating to finally see the game in action, Square Enix just had to add onto it all with another short trailer of the Hank Pym, the OG Ant-Man, in action. As you can imagine, this definitely confirms that he’ll play a role within the upcoming game. You can find the short clip of it all below.

Don’t be surprised if Marvel’s Avengers takes a bit of creative license, after all Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics have said that all of the characters in the game will be their own versions of each and every one of them. As such, they could be different than what’s portrayed in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

And if you’re wanting to know even more about the game, here’s an official description: “Marvel’s Avengers begins at A-Day, where Captain America, Iron Man, the Hulk, Black Widow, and Thor are unveiling a hi-tech Avengers Headquarters in San Francisco — including the reveal of their own helicarrier powered by an experimental energy source. The celebration turns deadly when a catastrophic accident results in massive devastation. Blamed for the tragedy, the Avengers disband. Five years later, with all Super Heroes outlawed and the world in peril, the only hope is to reassemble Earth’s Mightiest Heroes.”

Marvel’s Avengers will be available on PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Stadia when it launches on May 15th, 2020. So what do you think about this new trailer?  Let us know your thoughts in the comments below and don’t forget to keep it locked for all of the latest E3 news!