Pokemon GO Launches Detective Pikachu Promo Event

How Many Hats Does Pikachu Have?

Detective Pikachu hits theaters this weekend, which means it’s time for an in-game event in everyone’s favorite mobile creature-catcher.

Pokemon GO Detective Pikachu

Kicking off tomorrow, May 7th, at 1pm PDT, and running until May 17th at the same time, trainers will get a chance to catch their own Detective Pikachu – you know he’s a detective because he has the hat. You’ll be able to catch him when he photobombs you, so make sure you don’t take a second to not be using the camera feature Niantic implemented earlier this year.

Additionally, “select” Pokemon seen in the movie will appear in raid battles, while others will be more prevalent in the wild. Players will also get double XP for catching Pokemon, new fashion choices will be available for their avatar in the Style Shop, and themed Field Research will be available throughout the event.

Detective Pikachu is getting some pretty solid reception so far and will be available to your eyeballs this Friday, May 10th. If you can’t wait that long to spend multiple hours with the electric mouse in a tiny detective hat, you can pick up the Detective Pikachu game for 3DS. Let us know if you’ll be joining in the GO event in the comments!

SOURCE: Pokemon GO