Microsoft Will Bring Xbox Exclusives to Steam

Big Microsoft Games Will be Comming to PC

Phil Spencer has been very vocal about bringing Xbox titles to PC. But it is surprising that they will be brought to Steam to be distributed. Spencer has stated that he and Microsoft want to expand their influence and reach out to the widest audience possible. Spencer then added that Microsoft will be adding up to 20 new games to Steam in the future. Games like Gears of War 5 and the new Age of Empires remakes were given as an example.

gears of war 4 top

There seems to be a trend developing. 343 Industries and Microsoft announced earlier this year that Halo would be coming to PC. The Master Cheif Collection, which was originally released for the Xbox One in 2014, was going to be re-released on PC. The fact that Halo was going to be on Steam was somewhat shocking. Halo hadn’t been on PC since the days of Halo 2.

While this is great news for Microsoft, it is even better news for Steam. Steam is by no means struggling. But is has been facing new competition from the Epic Games Store. There has been a long list of developers who have outright ignored Steam all together and have just sold through Epic Games exclusively. Ubisoft probably being the biggest company to do so.

The cold shoulder that Steam has been getting as of late is due to their business model. Steam simply gives less money to developers than Epic Games does. Which is something that is very hard to compete against. Whatever ends us happening, this is both great news for Microsoft and Steam alike.

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