Vampyr Reaches More Than 1 Million Copies Sold

Dontnod Entertainment’s Vampyr Surges Past a Million Copies Sold

Vampyr has sold more than 1 million copies since its June 2018 launch, publisher Focus Home Interactive announced on Wednesday. The publisher also announced that it and the game’s developer, Dontnod, were working on a new project.


“We are delighted to continue the adventure with the team at Dontnod who have already amply demonstrated their talents to create rich universes, enhanced by a masterful narrative and unique artistic direction,” Focus Home COO John Bert said. “We are proud to once again allow the talent of the studio to express itself on this new project which is intended to be among the most ambitious in the history of Focus and Dontnod.”

Dontnod CEO Oskar Gilbert said that the studio was “very happy to develop this partnership with this exciting new project.”

What this new game could be hasn’t been revealed yet but it is possible that it’s a Vampyr sequel.

If you’re thinking of getting Vampyr then read our review before buying the game.

“Witnessing a studio succeed beyond what their audience expects of them is always a pleasure, and Dontnod Entertainment has done just that with Vampyr,” the review’s author wrote. “Whether you’re intrigued by the idea of stalking London as a bloodthirsty vampire or expressly fancy a rock-solid [action-RPG], consider sinking your teeth into this gem.”

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