Little Nightmares Prequel Game Coming Soon to iOS

Very Little Nightmares Will Explore Six’s Back Story

A prequel to Tarsier Studio’s excellent horror platformer Little Nightmares has been unveiled by Bandai Namco. It’s called Very Little Nightmares and it’s heading to iOS device “very soon.”

The teaser trailer above shows the return of main character Six, who still dons her bright yellow raincoat and is still outrunning creepy monsters. We absolutely loved the original game and would recommend it to anyone that is looking for something a bit different in the horror genre. You can read our review for the Switch edition here.

According to Bandai Namco, Very Little Nightmares — a “suspense-filled puzzle adventure game” — will take place before the events of the first game. Players will learn more about Six’s back story as they explore and survive a new and mysterious mansion called The Nest. The prequel looks to shed the original’s 3D sidescrolling perspective for a more cartoony and isometric look. “Players must traverse this terrifying place and avoid the notice of terrifying new enemies if they’re going to escape alive,” reads the press release.

Very Little Nightmares

The game is being developed by Alike Studio, known for creating Love You To Bits and Bring You Home.

While it is expected to arrive “soon,” a concrete release date was not given by Bandai Namco. Fans can sign up through the official website to register their interest and receive updates and further info about the game.

SOURCE: Press Release