Shenmue 3 Is Going to Have Forklifts

Intense Forklift Action Makes a Return in Shenmue 3

It looks like Shenmue 3 players can drive a forklift at some point in the game because an official Koch Media Twitter account tweeted out on Thursday an image of the game’s protagonist, Ryo Hazuki, sitting in a forklift. The image can be viewed below.

Shenmue 3

Shenmue fans will remember the infamous forklift segment in the first game which involved being forced to operate a forklift for several hours in order to progress the plot. It’s currently unknown if a similar segment will exist in the third game but there is definitely going to be some forklift action.

According to a recent Weekly Famitsu article, Ryo will have to undertake menial jobs & tasks (such as operating a forklift in a warehouse) in order to earn money.

“Shenmue III features economic balance and an economic cycle,” a Twinfinite report on the Famitsu article read. “Money is important because the economy controls its flow, and it can be earned in many ways. For instance, if you gather a specific medicinal herb in the mountains and use it to prepare a traditional Chinese medicine via a recipe, you can sell it for a high price. There are various elements of gameplay connected to money.”

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