Rabbids Invade For Honor for April Fool’s Day – For Honor + Rabbids

Prepare for Bwaaaaaaaar!

Happy Don’t-Believe-Anything-on-the-Internet Day! While April 1st is infamous for having practical pranks being played or lies being told, here at COGconnected we would not do that to you. Most game developers feel that way as well. Instead of announcing Kingdom Hearts 4 or Half-Life 3, developers and publishers like to do something silly. Ubisoft is doing one such event. For today only, Rabbids are taking over for the For Honor soldiers on the battlefield in For Honor + Rabbids. Instead of battle-hardened warriors, players will fight at the side of their very own army of Rabbids. You have until 9PM PDT tonight to experience the horrors of bwaaaaar!

For Honor + Rabbids

Late last night/early this morning, Ubisoft tweeted a short trailer for For Honor + Rabbids. The title is an obvious nod to the Ubisoft/Nintendo crossover Mario + Rabbids. Instead of swords and shields, spears and axes, Rabbids wield toilet plungers and scrubbers. Their eyes strike laughter in the hearts of their frenemies. Other than this short video, there is no larger official gameplay footage from Ubisoft. However, some YouTubers have already uploaded their own videos.

Neither of these franchises are strangers to crossovers. As mentioned above, Rabbids have teamed up with Mario for a strategy game. For Honor has had a crossover event with Assassin’s Creed late last year. The players who jump in to For Honor during this April Fool’s Day event will also be gifted with a melee pack as a reward for participating. If you want to experience Rabbids in For Honor, you only have until 9PM tonight!

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Source: Ubisoft and Twitter