Borderlands 3 May Have Elon Musk’s Flamethrower

A Flamethrower Actually Seems Pretty Tame

Borderlands; the guns game. We as fans have seen so many types of guns through this series. Guns that explode instead of reload, guns that shoot blades, guns that scream at you, guns that taunt you; the list goes on and on. Flashback over a year ago. Elon Musk’s The Boring Company begins selling (Not a) Flamethrower. After a playful tweet from Musk saying that the flamethrower is sentient, Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford retweeted him. Pitchford said the flamethrower would be included in Borderlands 3; “Super Serious.”

Borderlands 3

As far as weapons go, a flamethrower seems pretty basic compared to some of the other over the top guns. Musk joked about his flamethrower being sentient. Maybe the in-game weapon will have a voice and will of its own. It wouldn’t be the first time the player had a gun like that. Borderlands 2’s The Bane was voiced by Ashly Burch, who also played Tiny Tina, Chloe Price in Life is Strange, and Aloy in Horizon: Zero Dawn. Mayhaps we will get an Elon Musk cameo as (Not a) Flamethrower, and it smokes weed. And then when the player reloads, the flamethrower sends its car into space.

As the Borderlands 3 trailer says, there will be over a billion guns. It’s almost like the project developer was Dr. Evil. With that many options, having a weed-smoking, energy efficient, talking flamethrower is almost guaranteed. No release date yet for Borderlands 3, but the tweet mentioning Pitchford’s interest in the weapon is over 15 months old, so if it’s going to happen it would probably be done by now.

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Source: Twitter