PUBG Corp Made Over $900 Million in Revenue Last Year

Moneywise, PUBG is Doing Just Fine

PUBG Corp, the publisher for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, has announced their financial report for 2018, which saw revenue reach $920 million (1.05 trillion won) and a profit of $311 million (355.3 billion won).

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Senior Analyst at Niko Partners, Daniel Ahmad — who also covers the digital games market in China and Southeast Asia — translated (courtesy of @sinonobu) the company’s financial results in a tweet, while also breaking down revenue amounts by console.

The breakdown reveals that PC was the most profitable platform, raking in $790 million (901.8 billion won) with mobile coming second with $65 million (74.4 billion won). Consoles made $58 million (66.2 billion won) while $6 million (6.8 billion won) came from other sources.

In a separate tweet, Ahmad notes that the reason mobile revenue was low for PUBG Corp — both mobile and console revenue was similar — is because the mobile version of the game was developed and published by Tencent.

Asia also accounted for 53% of PUBG Corp’s revenue last year, making about $487 million (556.2 billion won).

PUBG, while it did have some of its thunder stolen by other Battle Royale games (notably EA’s Fortnite), still has a huge player base. And as the financials indicate, it continues to also be a massive money maker for everyone involved.

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