New Sekiro Mod Adds Customizable Easy Mode

Fan Made Sekiro Easy Mode Mod Now Up on Nexus ModsĀ 

In the midst of a heated, worldwide debate over whether the smash hit game, Sekiro, should have an easy mode for accessibility concerns a fan-made mod has appeared in the Nexus Mods community to create an Easy Mode using a lightweight settings app. The Mod is incredibly easy to set up, uses minimal resources, and allows certain settings to be tweaked in order to help with visibility within the game. The listing for the Mod includes quite a few features that attempt to make the game more accessible for those who may need it.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

The Sekiro Mod is intended to be an FPS unlocker, but the latest version now unlocks features to allow you to customize your own version of Easy Mode in order to help your overall experience. Some of the modifiers include a player and gamer speed setting, support for custom resolutions, ability to start the game in windowed or borderless windowed mode, and a complete FPS unlock, which all allow support for adaptive video equipment.

The speed settings aren’t necessary to the mod and for those who want the mod solely for the ability to customize Sekiro’s video mode, it’s still a helpful, even necessary mod. So while we don’t see an update to the game itself, the fan community appears to be on top of it with a solution, for now. Keep in mind that game mods are for use at your own risk, so vet them out before you really start to use them.

The addition of this mod and more mods for Sekiro to the Nexus Mods community should help the game become a more widely-usable product to more consumers until the game itself gets some much-hoped-for updated to allow for more accessibility.

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