One From Software Fan Is Taking the Wait for Elden Ring to the Extreme

Shadows May Die Twice, He’ll Die Thousands

One of the interesting things about gaming is self-imposed challenges. Whether it’s defeating all of Final Fantasy X’s superbosses without touching the sphere grid or playing Skyrim while avoiding as much adventure as humanly possible.

Defeating Isshin charmless, bell demon, no healing every day until Elden Ring is out (day 14) from Eldenring

From Software games are known for being punishing, and one fan has come up with a unique challenge for himself while he waits for Elden Ring, a game which we know very little about, despite some footage leaking earlier this month – although, given it was created in collaboration with George RR Martin, we can expect it to be among the developer’s most brutal offerings.

The challenge? Once a day, Reddit user Atijohn will face off against Isshin, The Sword Saint – one of Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice‘s most difficult foes – and he’ll do it while making the game significantly harder for himself – nobody said fans of From Software’s games liked it easy.

To increase the challenge, Atijohn will be facing Isshin without the use of Kuro’s Charm – which negates damage while blocking – or healing – essentially, he’ll be playing on borrowed time, with every blocked attack shaving off a sliver of precious health.

Sound too easy? Atijohn will also be activating the Demon Bell, which increases the boss’s resistance to both posture and vitality damage, while increasing the amount of both that he can shell out.

At the time of writing Atijohn is on day fourteen of his challenge (See the above video) and shows no sign of slowing down, and when asked if he’d commit to facing Isshin every day for 300+ days, he responded positively.

We still don’t know when Elden Ring will release, but speculation is pointing towards some news soon – especially given that the leaked trailer points to a possible reveal. Google seems to think that the game will be released on New Years Eve, but this sourceless information should be taken with a heaping bowl of salt and washed down with a nice cool glass of salt water.

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