Yakuza Spin-off Judgement Drops in the West This June

See Kamurocho’s Criminal Underworld Through New Eyes

Sega has revealed that the legal thriller set in Yakuza’s Kamurocho will be coming to North America this summer with digital buyers getting their badge early.

Players who pre-order a physical copy will be treated to a reversible cover sporting the game’s Japanese cover art, as well as a sticker to slap on your laptop (or wherever you want, I’m not your Dad) to represent Ryu ga Gotoku Studio. In addition to early access to the game, those who pre-order the digital edition will get a “static” theme featuring protagonist Takayuki Yagami.

You can likely count on a demo for the game dropping sometime soon as it did in Japan prior to the game’s initial release. The combat plays similar to Yakuza’s street-brawling, while other gameplay focuses more on L.A. Noire style investigations.


Judgement hits the PS4 exclusively in the West on June 25th, with the early access period beginning on June 21st. If you’re itching to get back to Kamurocho before then, Yakuza Kiwami recently hit Steam. There’s also a Yakuza mobile game that may come to the West sometime in the future! Let us know if you’re looking forward to seeing Kamurocho through new, Judge Eyes later this year!

SOURCE: Press Release