Sonic Creator Yuji Naka Roasts Film’s Character Design

Sonic’s Father Wants Him to Wear Gloves

The Sonic the Hedgehog film’s marketing team has spent the past few months proving that this is indeed the darkest timeline, and the character’s creator has decided to weigh in on the recently revealed design.

If you hit that “Translate Tweet” button, you’ll see that Yuji Naka asks “Is this a Sonic movie?” Which, ouch, but he wasn’t done. “I feel that it is important to look at the whole body visual of Sonic and head body and stomach,” he added, “Did you not get a little more balance?” He’s not wrong to- oh wait, he’s not done.

New Sonic Design

“When the image of the sonic movie comes out not from the official, I think that it is leaking strategically, but it is not good because it will go to the IP of Sonic when it becomes a topic in a bad direction. There is a possibility of the fan-made well, but I want you to wear gloves. It is shocking that bare hands are white.” Microsoft translate may have butcher that a little bit, but ultimately I think this is my favorite series of tweets in a long time. He’s totally in the right to be giving crucial feedback on something he likely should have been consulted on in the first place, before the film’s art team put together this nightmare fuel.

Fans have spent the night fixing the design in their own ways, usually altering the eyes and legs of the beloved Hedgehog. Here’s hoping the film team takes note and has the time to make the appropriate changes before the film drops later this year. Now, let’s see how Jim Carrey is looking as Dr. Eggman.

SOURCE: Twitter