New Sonic Design Super Not Terrifying At All

It’s His Eyes, You See

The marketing team behind the upcoming Sonic the Hedgehog film let the new Sonic design see the light of day. It wasn’t for very long, but the new blue blur is out in the wild, for better or worse. Fun new spin or starving siphon of souls? I’ll let you decide.

New Sonic Design

This hot new take on Sonic was spotted briefly on the film’s marketing page, before being shuttered away in the dark once again. Perhaps the red-shoe’d speedster isn’t quite ready to breathe our air? However you feel upon witnessing this new life form, I promise the internet feels worse.

Initial reaction to the new Sonic design has ranged from disbelief to resignation to frantic eye-clawing. Also I’m sure some people love it, but they’re not posting as much on Twitter, so forget them. There’s no evidence that this is the final design, though it matches up with all the other promotional material that’s been released. If they are hoping to keep this one in the oven for a bit longer, they’re quickly running low on time. The Sonic the Hedgehog film is scheduled for release in November of 2019. I know I’m absolutely seeing this in theaters, glove-less hands and all.