Left Alive Streams Shut Down Right After Japanese Release (Update: They’re Back!)

Terrible Ratings Inspire Frantic Backpedaling

Square Enix has stopped all Left Alive streams just a day shy of the game’s North American release date. If this sounds suspicious, know that the game’s Japanese rating is crazy low, and the game is already massively discounted. So, it’s definitely going to be great, right?

Left Alive streams

Amazon Japan has Left Alive at around 1.5 out of 5 stars, although recent reports suggest it’s actually as high as 1.8. Between this stellar rating and the sudden 50% discount, it’s no wonder Square Enix has decided to stop people from streaming the game. Although really, a move like this is more or less guaranteed to get the attention you’re hoping to avoid.

Common complaints include poor design, control issues, graphical problems and framerate dips. It’s possible that all of this will be patched away, but Square Enix’s drastic measures suggest that any solutions are pretty far in the future. For reference, Left Alive is coming out in North America tomorrow for the PS4 and PC. This doesn’t leave a ton of time to do any frantic turd-polishing. Although who knows? Maybe all those user reviews are wrong, and the game is going to be fabulous. Either way, we’ll find out very soon.

UPDATE: A representative from Square Enix has stated that the vanishing streams were the result of a bug that has since been fixed. Streams of all sorts should be back online, leaving players the world over free to see the game in all it’s…. glory? Look for our review of Left Alive super soon!