Kick down Doors and Shoot up Bad Guys in the Rico Launch Trailer

Clean up the City One Door-Kick at a Time

From the developer Ground Shatter, Rico is a first-person, “buddy cop” shooter. Publisher Rising Star Games put out a Rico launch trailer on March 4th. Ground Shatter has also developed a game called SkyScrappers, which is a vertical-scrolling arcade fighter. As explained on Ground Shatter’s website, in Rico “you and a friend play as a pair of loose-cannon police partners, given twenty-four hours to crack a case as part of an elite organised crime taskforce. Planning is tactical rather than strategic, players must react in the moment to shootouts as they unfurl, with additional extra time to assess the situation if they are able to surprise their adversaries. Ammo and enemies are plentiful, and combat is punchy and impactful, supported by an extensive destruction system that ensures every shot looks and feels great.”

Rico Launch Trailer

Rico’s levels are procedurally generated, meaning no two levels will be the same. Baddies will be positioned differently and in different numbers. Players can team up online or locally, but if you like going solo or have no friends, like yours truly, a single player mode is offered. And the slow-mo. Ooh. The door-kicking is very reminiscent of the Modern Warfare 2 Spec Ops missions with breaching. Watching the door fly off its hinges, plywood shrapnel, and the air bend around the bullets is very satisfying.

Rico launched earlier this week. PS4 got it on March 12th, Xbox One on March 13th, and Nintendo Switch on March 14th along with Steam. The Humble Store is also selling Rico at a 10% discount.

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Source: Ground Shatter