Ravenous Survival Game ‘Green Hell’ Gets Free Combat Update

Staying Alive Gets More Heated

The road is littered with dangers and more survival instructions. Developer Creepy Jar is back with another update for their psychological maze of a game, Green Hell. This time, the emphasis is no longer on health and shelter but physically fighting for your life.

With the Green Hell Combat update, players will find themselves face to face with the tribal warriors of the Amazon. They’re as much a danger as the wildlife and the climate, but you can do something about it. To improve their chances in combat, players can take advantage of the newly implemented crafting system to create armor and traps. The AI has improved, too, however, meaning the tribal warriors will bring another challenge stacked on top of those of the rainforest.

Green Hell

Below you’ll find a list of new features to expect in the latest Green Hell update. As per Creepy Jar’s promise, everything is free to Early Access buyers.

  • New Human AI — Spear-wielding Tribal Warrior
  • New Traps — Defend your camp against Tribal Warriors
  • New Armor System — Craft crucial protective armor
  • New AI Behaviors — Patrols and camp destruction
  • There Will be Blood — AI bleeding system
  • Who does your make up!?! Did you get a haircut? — New Tribal paintings and haircuts
  • New Weapons — Tribal Spear and Tribal Bow
  • Steam Cloud — Cloud saves and language integration
  • New Challenge — Face your enemies in a tough new challenge

Creepy Jar previously released a road map detailing their update plans for Green Hell in the coming year. Before today’s add-on, the devs crafted a free animal update. Expect more as time goes on. For now, if you haven’t already, you can peruse more of the game over on Steam.

Happy gaming.

SOURCE: Press Release